Statistical table of age and gender of death cases (in weeks)

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聯絡人 盧 小姐
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聯絡人電話 02-23959825#4055
聯絡人電子郵件 盧 小姐
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資料集類型 系統介接程式
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主題分類 政府統計
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中文標題(資料集名稱) 死亡病例地區年齡性別統計表-嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎-依死亡日統計(以週為單位)
Title in English Statistical table of age and gender of death cases (in weeks)
中文資料集描述(資料集描述) 2020年起嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎確定病例死亡統計資訊,依地區、年齡層、性別分層之次級統計表。本資料集每日依系統固定排程更新一次。目前嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎境外移入病例多於機場或集中檢疫所採檢確診並即隔離治療,故未標示其縣市資訊。
Description in English Statistical information on deaths of confirmed cases of severe special infectious pneumonia from 2020, sub-statistical tables stratified by region, age group, and gender. This data set is updated once a day according to the fixed schedule of the system. At present, there are more cases of severe special contagious pneumonia imported from abroad than those diagnosed at the airport or centralized quarantine center, and they are immediately isolated and treated, so the county and city information is not indicated.
中文欄位說明(資料資源欄位) 確定病名、死亡年份、死亡週別、縣市、鄉鎮、性別、是否為境外移入、年齡層、死亡病例數
Metadata in English Name of the disease, the year of death, the week of death, the county, the township, the gender, whether it was imported from abroad, the age group, and the number of deaths