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Week Outpatient Ratio
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HIV Determined Cases are in age
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   2 new datasets for Important Disease "Mpox" had been upload in May, 2023.
May 5, 2023

2 new datasets for Important Disease "Mpox"...

   The following datasets had been removed on April 2023.
April 12, 2023

The following datasets had been removed on...

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  • Health Insurance Outpatient and Emergency Visits - Influenza

    The statistical table of visit cases on different area and age.
  • Area, Age, and Gender Statistical table - Dengue

    The statistical table of determined cases on different area, age and gender.
  • Dengue Daily Confirmed Cases Since 1998

    Dengue daily Confirmed cases since 1998
    • JSON
    •  13607
    •  20611
  • Hospitals and Clinics With Government-funded Dengue NS1 Rapid Test

    List of nationwide medical facilities with government funded Dengue NS1 Rapid Test kits